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Frances Herrera is South Florida’s premier Coastal Designer and Ft. Lauderdale’s most coveted interior designer. Her clients call her work chic and stylish, elegant and engaging, sophisticated and original. While the spaces Frances designs all share her distinctive coastal style, her clients say she helps them imagine their future and coordinate designs that provide an instant sense of pleasure and peace.

Frances regularly contributes to notable lifestyle publications and has been recognized as Woman of The Year in 2015 and Rock Star Philanthropist by Broward General Health. She’s a dedicated community leader, philanthropist and an avid traveler.


A Note from Frances

My first love is getting to know my clients. I love to hear their stories, where they’ve been and where they’re going next. When I can envision the life they’re creating, I’m able to make each space feel deeply personal.

Some of my clients love their spaces to be ultra-serene and some prefer a more energetic palette. No matter your taste, if you love to live by the sea and appreciate sophistication, we’ll be great friends.

As a mother, with a love for travel and living by the ocean, I create spaces that honor your past and inspire your future.

I also pride myself on being accessible and flexible. Never shy away from connecting. I invite you to book a call with me, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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At BluOcean Interiors we believe everyone deserves to live gracefully and elegantly.

We bring 16+ years of experience helping clients create homes with genuine warmth. We care about each part of the process from sourcing distinctive pieces, to efficient installations giving you peace of mind and protection against mistakes. Our team will carefully guide you through the design process and will be at your side step by step.

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