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Design consultation:
What’s the difference between a discovery call and an in-home consultation?

Design consultations are an essential part of our interior design process. The consultation is important because it allows us to step into the space or spaces you want redesigned physically. But first, we like to begin with a discovery call either over the phone or video chat. During your complimentary discovery call, we’ll discuss your goals, budget, and the spaces you want designed. We’ll go over our design process, discuss a realistic timeline, and make sure your goals align with our services.

The discovery call allows you to express your vision, ask questions, and discover more about our interior design process and what to expect before scheduling an in-home design consultation.

In-home consultations usually last two hours and go in-depth. We bring color swatches, fabrics, samples, and more. A small $250 fee is required for all in-home consultations, but this fee can be applied to any future purchases or services, so it’s really more of a deposit that you get back as a credit.

The discovery call is the best way for us to speak about your project before scheduling a consultation. Getting started is easy. Just click on this link to take the first step.