The Process of Creating that BluOcean Feeling…


Very often people ask me “What’s your style?”.  Well, we don’t really have a style, it’s more about creating a feeling. We like changing spaces to create a personal paradise for our clients, spaces that reflect who they are, their passions, and most importantly how they want to feel when they are in the space.  Serenity, harmony, power, whatever that feeling may be, here at BluOcean our goal is to design spaces that resonate with those feelings.

To better explain how we go about creating that BluOcean feeling, I figured I could dive into explaining our design process, how we get to know our clients, figure out their wants and needs, and how we adapt it all to the final design.

Getting to Know You

The first thing we do is visit your home! There is no point in you coming to my office, I need to see what we are working with.  We go over your personal likes and dislikes, what you like about your home, what you dislike about your home, and how you plan to use the space.  Some clients are big entertainers, others prefer complete privacy and home is their private sanctuary.  All of those factors come into play into what the final design will be.

Creating Your Personalized Plan

Once we know more about you, we go ahead and create a curated, personalized plan that reflects all of those things.  Colors you love, fabrics that bring you joy, textures, and much more. This is the part of the design process where we are putting together a FEELING, not a style. Feelings are timeless, and we want your design to have a timeless essence.

We Choose Unique Pieces

We like selecting pieces that really speak to our clients, pieces that tell their history, and reflect their passions and desires. We specialize in selecting items that are truly unique, we use local vendors, designers, artists to fill your home with pieces that you won’t easily find anywhere else. Our goal is for you to end up with a design that is truly unique.

Once all of these steps are completed, we know you will end up with a space that reflects exactly what you want and that it will serve the true purpose you have for it.  By creating feelings, rather than styles, we elevate your space and create what we call that BluOcean feeling.