Global Modern

Interior Designs by Frances Herrera: Global Modern Light and airy townhouse in East Fort Lauderdale designed with for a young family who love to travel to exotic places. Clean lines coupled with a neutral palette and global patterns create a visually stimulating home that feel sophisticated and warm.  

Cosmopolitan Classic

Interior Designs by Frances Herrera: Cosmopolitan Classic A young family came to me with the request to create a tailored, elegant and fashionable home. We set out to create a cosmopolitan sanctuary that was airy and bright with layers of contemporary motifs throughout to compliment the dignified architecture of the apartment. Soft, neutral palettes played up … Read more

The Process of Creating that BluOcean Feeling…

  Very often people ask me “What’s your style?”.  Well, we don’t really have a style, it’s more about creating a feeling. We like changing spaces to create a personal paradise for our clients, spaces that reflect who they are, their passions, and most importantly how they want to feel when they are in the … Read more